Our Services

The Psychology Clinic has established itself as a leading provider of evidence-based focused therapy, primarily cognitive and behavioural therapies for adults, children, young people and families. The Clinic provides individual therapy sessions and psychological assessments for a range of problems. There are also Group Programs available.


Referral & Intake

The referral process varies based on the consulting clinician. The first step is to give our clinic a ring on the intake number (02) 9385 3042 or go to our Contact Form.

A brief intake interview will be conducted over the phone to obtain basic details and information relating to the reasons you are attending the clinic. There may be a short waitlist for services and this will be made known at the time of the phone intake.

If consulting with a Provisional Psychologist, individuals can refer themselves to the clinic or be referred by a health professional. Consultations with Clinical Psychologist Registrars require a referral by a GP or Psychiatrist only if individuals wish to claim a Medicare rebate.

Please note that the clinic is not an emergency service, and our services are not suitable for individuals who are acutely psychotic, suicidal or in immediate crisis. The clinic also does not offer any medico-legal reports or services.Where it is determined that the service is not suitable for someone, an alternative service will be suggested where possible.

Waiting Lists

Provisional Psychologists                                                                                  
Clinical Psychologist Registrar                                                                                           

Adult Therapy: 
OPEN- Likely to be seen from mid-June 2021.
(Initial appointment via Telehealth. Option of Face-To-Face or Telehealth sessions for ongoing therapy).

Adult Therapy: 
OPEN - Likely to be seen in 3 weeks.
(Telehealth and In-person appts).

Child & Family Therapy:
OPENLikely to be seen in June 2021. 
(Telehealth appts only).

Child & Family Therapy:
OPEN - Likely to be seen in 3 weeks.
(Telehealth appts only).

Adult Neuropsychological Assessments:
OPEN- Likely to be seen from July 2021.

Confident Carers - Cooperative Kids Group (Parents of children aged 5-12 years)
Facilitated by Senior Clinical Psychologist & Clinical Psychologist Registrar 

Child Psychometric Assessments:
CLOSED- Likely to be seen from July 2021.


Child Capable Kids Social Skills Group (Ages 7 - 12 years):

CLOSED - Next group dates TBC; likely 2021.


Adult Making the Most of Your Memory Group:
CLOSED - Next group dates TBC; likely 2021.


Adult Hoarding Group:
CLOSED - Next group dates TBC; likely 2021.


 Please Note: waiting times are estimates only and applies to waiting period after phone intake is completed (i.e., details have been provided to clinic staff over brief phone interview).